Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Guest Dupe Attack from mylifeinpolish: Essie Mesmerize, Orly Shockwave, Pure Ice French Kiss, China Glaze First Mate

I'm glad to share my first-ever guest post from Sara of http://www.mylifeinpolish.blogspot.com ! Here it is: Hey, fellow lacquer lovers! I'm really excited to be here today comparing one of my favorite nail colors, blue. So lets get right to it. Starting with my pointer finger we have Essie Mesmerize, Orly Shockwave, Pure Ice French Kiss and China Glaze First Mate. This is two coats of each with topcoat. I wasn't going to topcoat them but I have little kids and I had to get them dry so I could make snacks :)

As you can tell, the China Glaze is more navy than the others. I knew that before I started but I have four fingers and really wanted to add another blue. Orly Shockwave looks a tad darker in the pictures but really isn't noticeable, especially indoors. First Mate and French Kiss had the easiest formula to work with. If you exclude First Mate my pick would be French Kiss. Best part is it's only $2. I love inexpensive dupes that have a good quality. I hope this comparison helps some of you out on your quest for the perfect blue. You can find me over at mylifeinpolish.blogspot.com. Stop by and say hi.

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