Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dupe Attack by Amber: OPI Last Friday Night versus Julep Portia

Here's another blog post by Amber of the Lacquer Clones Swatching group on Facebook:  this time, between OPI Last Friday Night and Julep Portia.  A big thank you to Amber for this lovely contribution!


As you can see in the photo below, my bottle of Julep Portia (right) is very well loved. But at $14 for a .27 fl oz bottle I’m not planning on buying replacement when mine runs out. I had seen photos of OPI’s Last Friday Night before and thought the glitter looked pretty similar to Portia. So when I happened across a bottle in Kmart, I snatched it up.

From the bottle shots, the two polishes look very different. OPI’s Last Friday Night (left) has a royal blue base and Julep Portia (right) has a lighter sky blue base. But, they both have those gorgeous iridescent glitters.

Another bottle shot.

Above is 1 coat of each on a clear nail wheel. OPI’s Last Friday Night is on the left and Julep’s Portia is on the right. Here you can see how sheer their bases and when swatched alone, how similar they do look. One difference that is harder to see in the photo, however, is that OPI’s Last Friday Night has a blue micro glitter mixed in with the multi-sized iridescent glitters. On the other hand, Julep’s Portia only has the multisided iridescent glitters.

Above is 1 coat of each over white (Milani White on the Spot) to better demonstrate the differences in their base colors – OPI Last Friday Night (left) being more of a royal blue and Julep Portia (right) being more of a sky blue. However, both are pretty sheer and can easily be layered over a variety of colors. I love layering these two glitters over purples, blues, and greens the most.
While they’re not exact dupes, at almost half the price and double the polish, Last Friday Night will make a great Julep Portia replacement for me.
Ps. I’d also like to mention that Julep’s Sarah is also a coral version of this same type of multi-sized iridescent glitter. However, it’s coral base is less sheer and can easily be worn without layering it over another color. Also if you’re looking for a clear based version of this glitter, Julep Vanessa might be your polish of choice. Julep also has 1 more polish using this glitter in their collection, O’Canada, which contains the same iridescent glitter as the polishes above but in a clear base with some larger red hex glitters mixed in.  

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